Taste & Quality

BOOMERANG LIMITED welcomes you to a wonderful world of healthy living. We represent a dedicated community of farmers that specialize in the newest and best tasting cherry varieties. Our intention is to bring back the "taste" component to your cherry business.

BOOMERANG LIMITED's "feeling grape!", "feeling cherry!" and "feeling berry!" brands aspire to give our growers a voice in raising awareness of the health benefits these simple and tasty treats provide. We are passionate about creating mutually beneficial partnerships with the ultimate goal of becoming an integral part of your customers health conscious lifestyle.

We view taste and safety as the most important facet of our business. From our farms to our facility, we go above and beyond to give our partners the highest quality. Our food safety program is designed to integrate GAP, GMP, and HACCP programs. "Every" single order is inspected at the point of shipment or harvest in order to ensure your customers have a positive experience at first bite.

At BOOMERANG LIMITED we are committed to supplying safe, quality assured, fresh and wholesome fruits that not only comply but exceed the requirements set forth by the industry.